Tools To Do The Job Right


The impressive technology found in modern vehicles is not all in the computers they employ. German manufacturers in particular have highly-evolved component installation, testing, and adjusting procedures requiring vehicle-specific special tools. To repair German vehicles properly, a shop must also possess the right special tools.

We are constantly investing in the vehicle-specific tools required to repair your modern European vehicle to the highest standards. Many are purchased from the vehicles manufacturers themselves. In some cases we are able to find better versions developed by independent tool manufacturers, often at a lower cost. What we can’t find, we machine and fabricate in-house. We’ve been collecting the necessary tools since 1982.

Being a large shop, we also have general automotive tools most other shops just can’t afford or justify with their smaller volumes of work. For example, we have a tool lathe that we use not only to machine our own tools but also to polish shafts and other round parts before reassembling. We have TIG & MIG welders for fabricating. We have a vertical platform lift for installing engines from the bottom upward (required for several Porsche, Audi and BMW models). We have the latest variable-volume EVAP diagnostic tester from Smoke Wizard. We have an automated and environmentally-friendly aqueous parts washer. We do alignments in-house using John Bean computerized alignment equipment. We are the only shop in Edmonton with Longacre corner scales for weight-balancing race cars. We have the latest tire machine technology from Corghi. We generate our own Nitrogen for filling tires. We even have our own John Deere skid-steer to keep the parking lot clear of snow.

Frankly, we’re tool-aholics … always looking for something that will help us improve our processes.