Our Committment to Training

Education Does Make a Difference

04-Education-960x300Sadly, the days of grabbing a crescent wrench or a pair of Vice Grip pliers to fix your own vehicle are likely behind you.  It’s not just that life is hectic and few of us have the time to tinker.  Rather, modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and few of us can really stay abreast of the computer technology that keeps them running efficiently.

Your modern vehicle may have up to 50 separate computers controlling the transmission, anti-lock brakes, traction control, air bags, air conditioning, door locks, and even the in-car hi-fi display … all of which are interconnected by an intra-vehicle network.  Perhaps the most important computer in a modern car is the one that monitors engine emissions and adjusts spark, fuel injection and the air-to-fuel ratio to maximize power output, minimize fuel consumption, and keep noxious emissions as low as possible.  Considered as a whole, your car likely has more computing power than the system that guided Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Keeping current with technology is a challenge for our industry, especially for the smaller mom-and-pop shops.  Facing that challenge head-on requires a significant ongoing investment in technical training.  One of the ways we keep Eurasia Automotive’s mechanical staff current is by partnering with WORLDPAC Training Instute to develop an in-house training program that brings to Eurasia the best professional trainers from across North America.  This year, Eurasia Automotive’s mechanical staff will attend 1,112 hours of technical training.  That is probably more than any other Edmonton shop … including dealerships.

Education does make a difference.  Perhaps the best indicator of this difference is the number of vehicles other shops send to us when they can’t resolve a problem.

For this reason and many more, Eurasia Automotive is Edmonton’s premier independent repair facility for European vehicles.  Come experience the difference.