Yes! Eurasia can service your vehicle during the warranty period.

The choice is yours.

Yes you CAN have your new Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINIPorsche or VW/Volkswagen vehicle serviced or repaired at an independent repair facility without affecting your vehicle’s written defect warranty.

Last year, Canadian trade organizations representing vehicle manufacturers and authorized auto dealers officially agreed to share technical and repair data  with independent repair shops so consumers can select where they want to have their vehicle serviced and repaired.

Manufacturers will not pay independent facilities for correction of factory defects or recalls, so correction of defects must still be done by a dealer. All remaining service and repair work can be done by any independent facility, such as Eurasia Automotive.

Work not covered by the manufacturer’s defect warranty typically includes oil changes, lubrication service, filter replacement, preventive and mileage-based maintenance, tune-ups, brakes, tires, and any other work not specifically included in the manufacturer’s written warranty. Independent facilities have access to exactly the same parts used by the dealer, and often have access to the same suppliers that the manufacturer buys from but at a considerably lower price. Independent facilities can do the same work a dealer does to the same standard, thus maintaining warranty coverage.

The good news for you is you have a choice when deciding where to have preventitive maintenance service and general repair work done. Frankly, this is the bulk of the work done on most vehicles during the warranty period.

As an independant service facility Eurasia Automotive works hard to gain and retain your business.  We are proud of the personal service we provide, which has kept our customers coming back for over 25 years.  We also shop multiple sources for quality parts and then pass the savings on to you.  The cost savings of choosing Eurasia Automotive over the dealer can be significant.  Especially over the next 25 years!

The bottom line is: Consumers should should not be unduly influenced by dealers’ claims that only a dealer can work on your vehicle under warranty. It really is your choice.